Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's all in the packaging!!!

My absolutely fabulous package from Anne of Fiona and Twig arrived!!!!!

Can you believe all of this was in that box???  Everything was packaged so beautifully.

Now to see what was in all of these packages!!!

Even the tablecloth they are on was in the box.

Some neat books and a little bible.

Pins and buttons and keys and scrabble pieces!

A pretty Frenchie hat box with some flowers and hand stamped tags and a cute little cupie doll!

Lots of linens and cloth napkins and look at this.....
 If you look closely you can see that they have a "K" initial on them!  For me, Kim! These are just beautiful!

Wow, look at all of the French ephemera!!!! Can you believe that Anne gave this stuff up?
I have to say that I got a bit choked up as I was opening up all these wonderful treasures.  I am still overwhelmed by your generosity Anne.  Thank you so very, very much!


  1. How wonderful! love all your beautiful treasures you received from Anne.


  2. I am so thrilled that you're thrilled! It got to be a challenge to see just how much I could pack in!


  3. I just love Anne. She has the most beautiful spirit and is generous to a fault! I know you're enjoying all your wonderful goodies.

    ooxx's...Tracy :)


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