Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Oh, well I guess you have been here all along, it's me who has been away.  I was out of town last week, but I have lots to catch you all up on.  Before I left I won 2 different giveaways!  How exciting was that?  My goodies came while I was away, so I had packages waiting for me when I came home.  Today I am going to share with you what I received from Mary that sweet little Bee!

I received a sweet little linen and a beautiful tea cup,a collection of teaspoons and some chamomille tea.

Also a sweet little basket that Mary made and some candles.  Then there was a pretty little calendar and a roll of old paper tied up with a pretty pink ribbon. Look in the teacup there is a little glass vase to root cuttings in!

And last but not least, my favorite piece is the cloche that Mary made set on a pretty little dish.

What a fabulous giveaway and I was so lucky to win. Thank you Mary sooooo much!  

Stay tuned for another post on my other win as well as a post on the new baby lamb!!!


  1. Hah! You went AWOL on us, you naughty girl! Glad that you are back now though, I have missed you! What a beautiful surprise to come home to. The cloche is so gorgeous. Do you know yet what you are going to keep under it? Oh, decisions, decisions, lol. xx

  2. we all need a little getaway now and again, and again, and again! so I completely get that you were away!!!
    glad to have you back,and those are some brilliant wins you've got there!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Kim so glad everything arrived in tact!! You never know with the USPS!! I had won a beautiful milkglass dish and it came in a hundred bits and pieces!

    Hope you enjoy all your goodies! Can't wait to see the post on the little newborn!!

    bee blessed

  4. It is always nice to get away some times. Glad to see you are back. Hope you found some treasures..Julian


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