Friday, November 18, 2011

A Little Taste of Christmas...

 YES IT IS HERE!!!!!  And, it is wonderful!!!!
$26 includes shipping

 As we get ready for our Holiday Open House to be held Thanksgiving Weekend, I thought I would share with you some of the wonderful ornaments we have decorated the trees with.

I have embellished some old photo's with vintage lace and trim and hung them on the feather tree.  I wish that these photo's could talk, some of the expressions are just priceless!

This baby is sitting in a wonderful old wicker chair!

This ornament I made using a pressed cardboard walnut that I painted and then embellished with lace and vintage trims.  I then added an antique frozen charlotte doll.  These dolls were found outside a factory in Germany that was bombed out during the war.  There are folks that go on "digs" and discover all kinds of treasures.  I would love to explore around these old doll factories!

These ornaments are all covered in glass glitter and look so pretty when the lights reflect off of them.

 This is just a beautiful glass swallow with a sprig of flowers in his beak. What is it about birds that just fascinates us?

This glass glittered bird has a  tag around his neck with a little message.  Some say "hope" , "dream" and "wish".


  1. Beautiful Kim, just beautiful!! Wish I lived closer!! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great and successful weekend at the shop!! Much love!!

  2. Hi Kim,
    I love all your glittered pieces, they are fantastic, and we can`t get things like that here in Denmark, so I`m alwayes swooning, when seing them. The lovely mag. Iies with me on my bed side table:)

  3. are we able to order any of these?? i just adore those little charlotte dolls in the shells..
    what wonderful work...
    have a great weekend.

  4. Your taste is impeccable, Kim! I want the bird with the sprig,


  5. Hi, Kim! Thanks for visiting. We missed you at Rhinebeck, Next year we will try to come up early and visit your shop. Hope all is well with you and your family!

    Happy Holidays,

  6. Thanks everyone, and yes if you are interesting in purchasing any of these items just let me know.

  7. Your ornaments are so pretty! Lace and glitter work wonders, don't they? Wish I could come to your open house, ah well, I shall be there in spirit at least :-) xx


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