Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some pictures I took today.....

Don't you just want to squeeze these tushies!!

Someone was singing me a song.  Look are those buds on my lilac?

The sky was so blue today I almost forgot that it was still winter!
But then I looked down a bit and was sadly reminded.....

Mother Nature is certainly quite the artist.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


  1. Great photos of the sheep. And your dolls have a nice vintage look to them. Thank You for your visit on my blog. I hope spring kicks in quick for you all back East. I bet you are ready for her return. Have a great day, Julian

  2. Oh Kimmikimkim, the photo of the sheep is so adorable. What really surprised me is how clean the little darlings are. The sheep round here are out in the fields now and looking, errm, well, not as clean as that, lol, rather decidedly muddy. And huuuuuuuuge, lambing season is upon us.

  3. Thank you Kim for your so nice words!!! What a wonderful farm you have! And you're so creative...I like people with projects!!!
    Good luck with your shop!
    See you soon!

  4. Wow, I LOVE your photos! That last one is just unbelievable. That's all ICE???

    And the sweet little sheep tushies, yep, cute enough to pinch. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!


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