Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little taste of what's to come...

Just thought I would share a few pictures of the shop.

I love this mirror with the sheep, and my mom made the beautiful arrangement.

This is a miniature garden I made up in a bird bath, to give you ideas on what to do with the miniature garden tools!

One of my favorite angels holding a real birds nest.

A mixture of old and new garden goodies.

A study in nature.


  1. Gorgeous, I can see so many beautiful things I'd snap up in a second.

  2. It looks awesome. Look forward to the opening.

  3. Kim --
    The Sheep's Nest looks beautiful!

  4. It looks beautiful!Bet you are glad the remodeling is done & you are ready to open,if only I lived closer I see many things that I like...phyllis

  5. Yeay! Congratulations! Can't wait to stop it! Let me know if you want old fashioned soap in there. \538-9645 Ruthy

  6. oh, baby girl, wish I lived just around the corner!! best of luck and so much success to you-LOVE the look...Barbara Blossey-Chuvalas

  7. I'm glad you are in our region. I am sure you will be a blessing to Hobart and surrounding areas.

  8. How lovely! I love the little garden in the birdbath. I have some miniature garden tools and I'm gonna use this idea.


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