Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Bees Have Arrived........

I  have wanted to raise honey bees for a while now.  This weekend we finally got our first hive and bees.  We are off on a new adventure here!

 3lbs of bees !!!  4500 per pound, is it possible there are 13,500 bees here?

First to pick the perfect spot.

Wouldn't you want to visit this flower?

The hive came in pieces and I had to assemble just about every piece of it!

These are the foundations where the bees will start building their combs ( not sure if I am using the correct terminology here)

The hive is all set up and ready for the bees.

Time to add the bees.

I will head out later today to check and make sure they have settled into their new home.


  1. I`m excited for you!I`ve always wanted to raise honey bees too.We have them in the summer,& don`t know if they have a home nearby or what.Good luck with them,phylliso

  2. Kim- Yeah for you!! I bought my first 2 hives last year so I am not a veteran beekeeper by a long shot! I will be more than happy to share any thoughts and frustrations of lack of knowledge with you! Everytime I go out to check on them in the supers I get more questions but it is a ton of fun and I so enjoy the girls!

    The BackYard BeeKeeper Book by Kim Flottum is a good book and there is a great website too that I like actually several but this one has a step by step lesson plan at the side bar that I use for reference alot.
    It is the Basic Beekeeper- link is

    Bee Blessed!

  3. Good luck with those bees. I see some yummy honey in your future.

  4. Good Morning, Kim -- You are living the life I want! I want honey bees, and sheep, and a quaint little shop that looks like a fairy tale cottage . . . I will be waiting to taste your honey!

    Thanks for visiting. Hope your Memorial Day was as picture perfect as ours.


  5. wow Kim! that is so adventureous! i don't know that i'd be brave enough to try a sweet hobby like that!

    what a beautiful post! i love the field of flowers...if I were a bee, it's right where I'd want to live and work, and play!

    come by for a spot of tea

    ciao bella
    happy tuesday!
    creative carmelina

  6. Kim! So wonderful! Sign me up for honey. You might want to check out one of my favorite books, I think the Stamford Library has it, by naturalist Gene Stratton Porter - The BeeKeeper. Amazing story from the early 20th Century woven around healing and the bees. And if you when you are in Andes, you will be welcome at my used bookshop, Andes Books. Do come!

  7. Oh Kim, you are such a brave girl, I think I would be too scared to have bees in the back garden. I bet you'll never forget the taste of the first spoonful of your very own honey. This is so exciting. I wonder how long it will be before you will actually get to taste the honey.

  8. That's wonderful! I want to get some bees, too. Bees aren't doing too well in our area now...I've noticed a few beekeepers are taking down their hives because of disease.

  9. Hi Kim, I luv the new header to your post it is Great! I also luv the little bird. Oy so many bees I luv to watch the bees of all kinds and the wasp in our garden at work. Now if humans could only get along like that. The world would be just that much better to live in. Have a good day. And Im glad you have your bees......Julian

  10. You are in line for a Fabulous summer of Beautiful Flowers and Honey I hope!

    I love it, nothing better with peanut butter and bananas on a sandwich! I will follow your experience. I envy you, I hope to get more land sometime soon and move and then maybe....

    Smiles, Cyndi

  11. Wow! I can't imagine all the honey you will have.
    Good luck!


  12. Great to have bees!!!
    Love the flowers too.Is it phlox?
    It would be fantastic to have your own honney
    Good luck with your project

  13. Very cool Kim. My husbands been wanting to do that for yrs...maybe some day he will.
    Love the new look of your blog!
    Hope you're having a good summer so far!


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