Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well we went off to Hudson, NY this weekend to do a little antiquing and I have to say I was very disappointed. 
There were many, many antique shops, but they all seem to cater to the NYC area.  Therefore the prices were high for the few things that I would have wanted and high for the many things I woudn't have wanted!  So with a few hours left in the day my husband suggested we head up to Troy, NY about an hour away.  This was more like it!  We arrived there with only about an hour left of shopping time and only got into one shop, but it made the day worthwhile.  Bournebrook Antique Center was a really nice market place.  The people working there were very friendly and didn't complain when we kept them a few minutes past closing time.  We certainly will be going back there soon.

So as for my goodies, here they are.....
The grain sack was a nice find. 

I just loved this child size old iron, peely paint chair.  I will use it in the shoppe for display.  The little bottle was a steal at $2.00 and it has a little bit of silver filigree on the stopper.

Isn't this jar lovely?  It was for Malted Milk.  Hmmm, not sure what that is, but I know I like malted milk balls!  Look at that pretty blue on the grain sack.

Then I got this great crate and 4 old seltzer bottles!  I'm sure I'll use the crate for some sort of display.

I also got a really neat wool sorter that came out of an old wool mill.  But is is made of chicken wire and a bit rough so that wasn't allowed in the house just yet!  I'll have to get to the barn to take a picture of it.  They also had a great piece that came from the wool mill that was all wood cubbies and each one numbered to help sort the wool.  Oh how I wanted that too!!

Well those are my treasures for this past weekend.  I envy all you gals who are able to get out to flea markets and garage sales.  To cold around here yet for any of that to be going on.

I am getting close to having 50 followers!!  Very exciting for me.  I know I have talked about a giveaway a few times, but now I have no excuse not to, so I will be gathering things together and as soon as I hit "50" I'll post some information on that.  Have a great day.


  1. Love your goodies! I have been looking for a crate just like that but haven't found it, yet. Those bottle with pumps are gorgeous!

  2. Looks like a good end to the day....can't wait to see the wool sorter.



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