Saturday, March 27, 2010

Treasures and more Treasures.......

First I need to show you the wonderful little treasures that came in the mail the other day!  Lizzie Lu from LuLu Liz in La La Land sent me this because I was a runner-up in her giveaway!  

I have to say I hinted at getting these little tags she made up to put the lace on! I don't want to use the lace, they look so pretty just sitting in the bowl.

Next I have to show you some of the pictures of the goodies I got yesterday....

This is a little children's reader from the late 1800's, I love the color of it.

I just love these pictures, I'll have to scan some and share.

Look at this old bottle with most of the label still intact!  It actually is a clear bottle with liquid blueing in it.  I want to make sure I don't let that stopper come off!

This next piece made me think of  Carmelina over at Creative Carmelina .  She makes beautiful crocheted pieces, as well as many other creative things!  Carmelina,  I thought you might like the idea of the ribbon woven through this.  I can scan and send you a better picture if you like!

Can you believe that I picked this little picture up for a couple of dollars?  The frame was black until I started to wipe it down and realized what a pretty brown that it really was! Years of grunge!

This was another little bargain, I loved the swans and the complimentary frame.

Ok, and here was the splurge of the day!  This is an original French Engraving, and she is beautiful!  A nice large size too, just have to find the perfect place to hang her!

Well, this is a record for me as being the longest post I ever did!  I have many more things to show you, but that will have to wait for another time. 

I started to gather some little treasures for my giveaway, I will announce and start the giveaway on Monday.

Have a sunshiney day!!

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  1. Hi Kim, what gorgeous finds, I just love the old lace, OK and the little reader is just the sweetest! And that engraving is just amazing, love the pink in her dress! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. I luv the waterlillys in the oil painting. Great find. Have a good day......Julian

  3. Hi Kim, I am really glad the lace got to you so quickly. Crazy postal services, I sent a little package to my mom in Germany at the same time, and it has not arrived yet!
    I really adore the learn-to-read book you have found. Such lovely illustrations. I can't imagine ever being without books.

  4. Hi Kim,
    Oh, you've shared so many beautiful things today!!! The children's reader really caught my eye, but it's ALL gorgeous!
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  5. Hi Kim,
    How blessed you are to have received and found such WONDERFUL treasures!!!!
    I love them all!!!!

  6. Hello Kim! Surely you can join my giveaway and surely I can send you it if you win!
    You show us such nice stuff! You're lucky to find all these treasures and to receive these lovely gifts!
    Happy new week!

  7. Oh how right are you....! I do love that ribbon running through that doily! It's something I will do that you thought of me!

    all of your finds are great!
    be sure not to loose the cap off that bottle! yikes!

    ciao bella...
    always creative
    always carmelina

  8. oh yes, i forgot....please send me a 'better picture', I can probably make the exact duplicate just by looking at it closer!

    It's lovely!

    ciao again!

  9. Hi Kim
    I have no problem with you putting skirts on your dressform pillows....I would love to see them. Love the little girl picture. I have one of those Mrs Stewarts bluing bottles too. I thought the bottle was blue. Mine has only a small amount of dried crystalized product left in the bottom, but the label is perfect. I just love mine!!

  10. Kim amor, you received some beautiful gifts and found some wonderful treasures! Thank you for sharing them with us :) Besos, Rose

  11. Love your book!!
    And sweet tags you own.


    barbara jean

  12. I love that book too! What a great color! Fabulous finds.


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