Sunday, February 28, 2010

Down on the Farm...........

I thought I'd share some photos with you of some of my animals.  These are not new photo's just ones that make me smile!

Here is Betula with one of her babies getting a drink.

Here is a newborn who is now full grown with children of her own!

Twins!  I just love it when the sheep have twins, they play so well together.

Here is Casper, he is no longer with us, but was such a beautiful rooster. 

Baby ducks just scream Spring to me!  This is the time of year when I need a "baby-fix".  But with all that snow outside I really rather not take on anymore chores at the moment!

Well, looking at all of these pictures just makes me long for Spring even more.  They're talking about another snowstorm for the middle of this week. I sure hope they are wrong!


  1. Kim, those are some of the cuttest babies. I showed the snow pictures to my husband since he is been complaining about our 3 inches that by the way we only get about every twenty years. I like it our way, i will have a severe case of cavin fever if I get stock with that much snow. I just love your blog when I visited a couple weeks ago for the first time . I don't always comment but I'm always lurking to see what is new with my blogging friends. Blessings, Marta.

  2. The twins are so adorable! They must be such fun to watch. I know having animals is a heavy responsibility, but the joy you get from them makes it all worthwhile, right? It must be real difficult right now with all that snow though. I so hope that Spring really is just around the corner and with us all soon.

  3. Such sweet photos. Swallows are my most favorite birds - beautiful, graceful and they eat lots of mosquitos! I'll be praying for a steady, not too fast, melt-off for you.

  4. Oh how cute!!! Couldn't ya just squeeze them all! (okay maybe not the chicken)...but, definitely the rest of them. Great pics! xo...deb

  5. oh my...
    I want to cuddle those babies!


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