Friday, February 5, 2010

Back from NYC.....

Wow!  I've never seen so much "stuff" in one place before! 
Yes, I ordered lots of things, and I don't even have my building up!!  But, it was so much fun.

Just seeing some of the displays was wonderful.  See the French Mannequin on the right, that's an antique and I inquired about buying it, but way out of my price range.  It even has cast iron boots on! 

Bird Cages, Mercury Glass, Numbers, Wire, and anything that looks old and French seem to be the "in" thing.  Well, atleast those where the things that I was drawn too.  Some wonderful Santo's figures and lots of crowns, yup ordered some of those too!

I'm thinking that I may have to open an online shop to get started, any suggestions?

Hopefully will be meeting with an architect tomorrow to get started on plans for our cottage, will keep you up to date on that.

Have a great weekend, I have lots of catching up to do in blogland!


  1. Kim,
    Oh I want to go to market someday. I've never been to one. How awesome to see all of that goodness in one place. I read aoubout a girl that re-creates wonderful french antiques and sells at market, can't remember the name of her business but she was featured in the latest issue of Where Women Create. It would be cool if you saw her stuff. Glad you had fun.Lisa

  2. sooo much eye candy...i can't get over the beautiful clutter of stuff!

    thanks for the comment you left...I'm glad I made you smile...I was having a pretty bumb I just shut out the world, and started reading.
    Your comment made me right back at you!


  3. So much temptation in one place I for one would be on overload...
    Best wishes for an on-line shoppe, lots of competition but if your goodies are delightful, build it and they will come.

  4. It looks like you found the right places to go. The Piers can have some of the best "stuff"
    I'm still afraid to see what my tally ended up being!
    Good Luck with the shop!


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