Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank you for the Welcome

Well, thank you Dawn for introducing me to all of your followers!  There are definetely lots of kindred spirits here.  I've been working on this blog all evening.  Well  "The Sheep's Nest" is a dream in the making.  My husband the builder will be helping to make my dreams come true.  We are going to build our own little English Cottage here at Stony Field Farm.  The dream started as a yarn shop and has now evolved into a shop for creativity (supplies, classes, etc.) as well as a place to purchase cottage decor. 

I am so glad you will join me on my journey.  It will be fun to post pictures and updates here.

Welcome and Cheers!

This is a charming little child size cottage in the middle of the park in London.

I made my husband stop and turn around to take a picture of this lovely cottage!

And of course you can't see London without London Bridge.


  1. Dawn, from The Feathered Nest sent us to your new blog. So glad to meet you and welcome to blogworld!
    Blogging is super fun and meeting so many neat bloggers is even more fun! Can't wait to come back and visit more of you.
    Robin's Egg Blues

  2. Just poppin' over from Dawn's Feathered Nest. I'll stop by again to see your pretty blog. Sally

  3. Kim WELCOME to the world of blogland! You couldn't have found a better blog buddy than Dawn. She has helped so many of us start. I have been blogging a little over a year (& still I ask Dawn & other blogers questions) & have made some of the most amazing friends!!!!! Your photos are wonderful. I do love that sweet little cottage! Good luck on your shop/studio for classes. It sounds like you have lots of great plans. And I love the photo of the little lamb. I am a LAMB LOVER! I would love to have one. And I want the chickens that lay Easter Egg colored eggs. But, right now I don't live where that is possible. So........ I'll have to live my dream through you. OK? Welcome & I can't wait to get to know you better. Charlene

  4. Hello Kim!

    I found your blog from Dawns tip :) and I like it a lot!!!! Beautiful pictures of your trip to England and also
    cute pictures of cats and that little sheep...I shall come again!! Welcome to blogworld Kim!

  5. Hi and welcome.
    Dawn is one of my special friends here in the land of blogging, a very special woman.
    Love the beautifull photoes you shows from London.
    I`m living in Denmark,but found very wonderfull friends all over the world,-blogging.

    Welcome Kim


  6. Welcome to Bloglandia Kim... though you are only a hop, skip and jump away from me up here in the Northeast it is always enjoyable to meet those that share similar passions.
    Your storybook cottage is darling and I look forward to reading about its progress... I'm sure after some of this snow melts.


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