Friday, January 29, 2010

Finished the Wreath

Ok Remember the Coffee Filter Wreath?
I do like it plain like this and maybe will make another .
But I added some birds and some ribbons....

Now I have to figure out what to do with the tree!!

Then I got busy working on a little metal suitcase I picked up....

I covered it with old sheets of music, handle covered in some old binding that I stamped with some feathers.

Then I altered the inside and added a real birds nest and some quail eggs as well as some other little trinkets.

This was a lot of fun, I will have to look from some more boxes or old cases to play with some more!


  1. Hi Kim,
    I think your wreath turned out FANTASTIC!!!! and I love the thought of doing the tree,I can't wait to see how you will finish it. I definitely could see strains of pearls and maybe tissue paper flowers tucked in.
    I love what you did with the old suit case. It is a treasure within a treasure. WONDERFUL!!!!

  2. Kim, the wreath and tree are beautiful! I hadn;t seen any made from coffee filters before ~ where have I been? lol!
    Love the suitcase too... just my style.

  3. What a beautiful arrangement of they keep that ribbon together in that wreath. Never seen nothing like that before..Wonderful artwork!!!

  4. Kim,
    Love that wreath, especially the one with birds on it. Wow, the suitcase too - but I'm a sucker for birds, nests, weeds lol. You know. The gift mart sounds exciting, your that close to NY? Jealous!!! Lisa
    PS I want those little black shoes!

  5. Great makeover on the little case, I love what you have done with it.

  6. Hi Kim, thanks so much for stopping. Hope you visit often. I'll be back too!

  7. Dear Kim, I'm so happy you found my blog, thanks so much for your sweet comment! Your wreath and this suitcase are just AMAZING!!! I love vintage crafting. In fact, I'm going to open a webshop with vintage cratfs soon, I'm sure you would like it.
    Thanks so much for following my blog. I will add yours too!
    Love, Chani

  8. Hi Kim,
    love your wreath and the suitcase - such beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing.


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